Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

imMemorial Weekend

  • I could literally feel steam evaporating from my eyes friday evening it was so hot and humid

  • I hung out with Adam for a spell. His friend and I both had one of them green teeny checked shirts that look like picnic tablecloths. His was Prada and mine was 12.99 at Old Navy. Score.

  • All of the smart gays spent memorial weekend cashing in on Half Price Books' 20% off sale. So that was me, spiffie, and the gay professor who looks like Andy Warhol always out to the bar, and his lover

  • Oilcan's was smart and kept the capacity to fire ordinance levels. Others had to pay 10 bucks.Most regulars have VIP cards and didnt. When I heard that, after having left a mob scene at Rain, I hollered Praise God! Sure enough the fire marshall showed, cuz they love to persecute the gays on holidays, and there was no problem, and I didnt feel like I had to beat anybody for being all up in my grill all night.

  • One person I know got a DWI. One person I know got drunk and shot up his house so his boyfriend would let him leave. Cops came and he resisted and bit an officer. Any other cop stories from this past week I didnt get?

  • I didnt go to the lake at all. We hate to drive and we decided reading new books and sleep was the better option

  • Strangeland tales was just goofy. Sweeney Todd I watched and turned it off after they murder Borat. I'm hit or miss with musicals. Stargate Atlantis: Ark of Truth Morgaine Lafey destroys Adriel. Yes you heard me. They brought the bitch back for the movie.

  • Everything on TV finished or is finishing this week. I just may have to purchase one of them Netflix Roku boxen to tide me over. It would be nice to watch all the old Dr Who episodes without having to use Parallels like I do now with Watchitnow. At least I have an extra dual monitor card JUST to output computer stuffs to my big ass HDTV (aka pr0n)

  • Oh yeah. Someone buy me the Roku. Appletv schmappletv. It doesnt have subscription viewing. Optimally one would have both Appletv AND Roku anyway
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