Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Slam dunkin for Michelle Malkin

Dunkin Donuts yanks Rachael Ray ad

Why do people let Michelle Malkin run the country? So what if it IS a keffiya around her neck? They were on a lot of men on the Milan runways last season too. I've even seen people in the gay bars using them as scarves too. I suppose she cant wear caftans either?

By pulling the ads, Dunkin Donuts just took the easy way out to make right wingers shut up. I'm not a right winger, and what I am translating it as is that Michelle Malkin and her ilk are racists. So anybody who looks Arab or dresses in Arab trappings is a jihadist according to her. And now, according to Dunkin Donuts too.

So. If I eat a taco and wear a poncho, does that mean I'm with the Mexican drug cartels? If I am brown and speak Spanish does that make me a terrorist because I'm ostensibly an illegal alien and you know Lou Dobbs says that by not securing our borders and letting illegals in, you're sponsoring terrorism.

I guess fundies buy a lot of doughnuts on the way to church.

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