Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

I couldnt see for the tears in mine eyes

with great gnashing of teeth I explained to my boss why I sent him a message last night saying I needed a sick day today. My LCD backlight had blown and it was a festering plague upon my soul. He actually called me this morning to see if I had really taken a sick day.

He's a good Christian man and took pity upon me and bade me go to the Beast Buy and procure myself a new LCD. I frothed at the mouth as my penis became engorged at a 28" Hannage display. It would have covered my whole desk and given me as much real estate as I'd need, but it only had VGA and HDMI and it was 600 bucks. I was uncomfortable buying a brand I didn't know, and I thought perhaps I should show a modicum of restraint because I'm dead set on paying off my credit debt. I was tempted in the wilderness of sin with Satan behind me in support instead of in abeyance, but I persevered.

I was won over by another 19" Samsung. Cheap. 199 bucks. I am stupid for the warranties and hate dealing with mailing shit out so I opted in for 24 bucks more on a 4 year plan.

Oh hateful day, We have triumphed!
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