Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Good Morning Baghdad

  • I waited til the last second to go take care of business in the loo, a second almost too long. I sat down and in was such a rush i didnt make sure everything was tucked pulled or hanging proper. I wound up pissing all over the back of my shorts. Yes I overshot. Good thing I live around the corner from work. Okaaaaaay.

  • I've been terribly busy at work. 15 new computers I had to image. Imaging station guy fucked up the program by saying he needed to image. Then he didnt image. HAET HIM. So I finished imaging the last ones by hand instead of using the multicast station. Busy doing file transfers to new computers too. I still dont know shite about the new iphone. Big woop. I've had 3G on my Tilt since January. Camera, Exchange, the works.

  • Spontaneously ran off to see dad and baby bro instead of waiting this weekend to see him shipped back to Baghdad from Killeen. He got no furniture up there cuz it's in storage for an average 15 more months. Family is back at my mom and pop's. Had to get dad his new Sansa e280. Mom is already threatening to steal it. I didnt think he'd use it but it turns out the shitty one mom's using for work was stolen from him! It was a better purchase for him cuz you can just drag and drop music on to it. Plus he's old and it has more tactile buttons. I have issues manipulating my nano, especially if my fingers are sweaty. Plus, again cuz he's old, he JUST wants to listen to radio a lot and it has a FM tuner. I may have to get mom one. It has microSD slot for expansion too . I almost kept it for myself and gave him my nano even though the nano is more fancy and expensive. Oh yeah. So this was bon voyage and early father's day. Now I can go to gay pride rally and see Meshelle Ndenge Ocello and go to the ROT Rally.

  • I got a new 8 core mac pro at work. I gave up using my dell and am just using a bootcamp installation via VMFusion and run it in a Spaces. Here's the thing I've been saying and apparently so has Steve Jobs. All them cores are useless cuz nobody codes for them and dont even know how. Oh well. We have to do encryption and more horsepower will be faster encryption. OMG I have 2T of hard drive space now! I partitioned 500G of a 2nd drive just for time machine so I dont really truly have all that space.

  • I finally shanghaied a daring soul into coming to Southern Decadence with me. SHENANIGANS! I think i'm going with Luxury hotel a few blocks further rather than a little worn in and just a block away from the thick of it all.

  • Obligatory frivolous shopping item of the day. Oh hush. I have been good with the ebay habit!  I still want a tardis USB hub and a sonic screwdriver.

Doctor Who

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