Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

The Plague and the Pride

  • I didnt do gay Pride. No breeze, stifling heat, and a venue that makes it inconvenient to get to, no thanks.
  • spiffie forced me to go to the apple store to check out the new iphones. i insisted they wouldnt have any demos yet but he's lame and we went anyway. I needed to see if Old Navy had more vneck tshirts anyway. Score. 6 bucks on sale. I'm too fat for mediums now. Well I can still wear mediums but if you can see lumps, you just shouldnt.
  • I am still surprised when the old party kids come up and tell me what I represent to them and what an inspiration I am to their lives. And they dont think I believe them.  Saturday is my 8 year "rebirthday" though.  I'm getting tired of sobriety. It's the new "in" thing!  My brothers, the old crackwhores, even pup is trying it out. Trendwhores.
  • started back to yoga. it's amazing how just one class can make all the difference if only in spirit. The tuesday after euphaes' monday class I felt thinner just for having gone. Even if i wasnt, the exercise causes the abs to feel tighter so you dont feel belly-lethargy which translates to feeling fat.  I forgot my UTID today though in the pants transfer morning procedure so I'm going to have an extra fat day.
  • a kinesiology professor told me that glucosamine wouldnt make me gain weight. he also told me that yoga wouldnt affect my weight either. I was like great. What I hear him saying is "stop going to yoga cuz you're gonna be fat anyway".  How is this possible!  I hear people say walking 20/30 minutes a day with a steady heartbeat keeps them fit or lose weight even. gaybear lost weight just by walking.  If walking works, surely yoga does. Maybe this professor is lame and thinks, like most, that yoga is just a punani stretching exercise?
  • I started reading Gore Vidal's City and the Pillar. about chapter 2 I realize I've read it. How could I forget? It's a good book. I must have been reading at the bar and drinking like I did back then for me to forget about it. So I picked up Camus again. The Plague. Does he just have shitty translators or what?  I swear it's written like a Rod Serling Twilight Zone monologue.  Maybe I should try other poseur fag stuff like Proust or Genet instead?
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