Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Jolly Gay Giants

  • My stalker tried to apologize to me again. I told him to remove his hands from me. He complied. Then he begged me to look at him so he could apologize. Not one hour earlier he had been making threats to me on gay.com.   Why are there so many schizophrenic gays?
  • This 8 foot tall giant. I swear, like 8 feet. He put his hands on me at Rain, stopped me short. I get a napoleonic complex and say WHAT THE F... and he says sheepishly "I love your beard!" I calm down and say oh haay thanks. I booked because I was getting whiplash trying to look up at him.
  • Lights went off on spiffie and me at the Golden Corral. Apparently there was hail in town too.  I didnt get scared til i realized i'd be alone in the dark with fat people.
  • Went crazy at the Half price books. Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series seems like a big Jim Butcher Dresden Files ripoff.  Then we went to sun harvest because spiffie acted like he'd never been there before.  Not in 30 years.  It was just whole foods without the gays is all. Cha please. 25% off body products btw. Kiss My face on the cheap!
  • Sallys beauty supply. Got my hair bleached and it's now a hot pink manic panic. That might last me the week.
  • spiffie always makes me spend all my money.
  • On the melatonin. After work, yoga, dinner, and maybe the one hour of tv veging, I takes the melatonin and am passing out around 11. I never did anything before but having 3 less hours of awake time feels like I REALLY have no life now. 
  • Oh yeah. Remember my AJ infatuation? He's out of prison now. He's living in Florida though so I'm safe from any "i've changed please love me now" drama. I think he's gonna be long distance clingy though. I represent the only positive force in his life. Oh shizz.
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