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Jasmyne Cannick Doesn't Give a Fig About Gay Marriage | News | Advocate.com

Plainly put, the gay marriage struggle is the perfect example of white gay America’s “superiority complex” in action. And before you scream that I’m a racist, I’d encourage you to step outside of your whiteness for a moment and take a look at the marriage movement through someone else’s eyes.
Jasmyne Cannick Doesn't Give a Fig About Gay Marriage  | News | Advocate.com

I've made similar comments like this myself. Once the affluent gay gets their marriage, they'll go back to hating trannies, drag queens, and leatherfags just like they used to before they started trumpeting Equality for all

Gay Marriage Isn't Racist Jasmyne Cannick may not admit it, but marriage equality benefits all gays and lesbians -- not just the white ones
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