Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Is that so?

txguy: How the gay world works:  A likes B and B(who normally might like A) likes C, but C doesn't pay any attention at all to B so B fucks A instead but remains in love with C.  A hates C.  C likes D but D is married and only calls him when he is horny and wants to fuck.  C knows that B likes him but thinks he can do better and is holding out.  C kind of likes this other guy named E but E is a neurotic child in a man's body and thinks 2 text messages a day is a sign of commitment.  So here we sit, spending our nights alone in front of a computer.
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    Sat, 15:05: ask me how ridiculous I am for trying to get a State inspection today on a holiday weekend

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    Fri, 12:46: can someone teach me how to speak with a mexican accent like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green? I’m kind of a #pocho

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