Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

snow white

her: do you know where i can get some blow?
me: go away
her: you dont want to talk to me cuz i'm a straight girl, right?
me: i dont want to talk to you cuz YOU'RE A CRACKWHORE.

I used to think it was just me. Like I did something wrong. Like maybe I shouldnt look so interesting. Maybe if I didn't have attention-getting giant plugs in my ears, artfully decorated facial hair, eye-liner, interesting shoes, people wouldnt bother me. There's not a weekend that goes by that people dont ask me where to get drugs.

On gay pride the 5th person to ask someone I knew who was not in my company at the time where to get some drugs was subject to a verbal assault. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, he said. The undercover cop flashed him his badge ever so subtly hidden at his waist under his shirt "Take it easy. It's ok".

Gay people almost never ever ask. Mostly I am guessing because I'm a reknowned sober person, and partially because I just plain look scary to a lot of people. I manage to be both aloof and piercing at the same time. You're invisible to me but I see right through you. Or I guess the gays just already have their hookups.

I gave up friends cuz of the drugs. I disassociated from everyone and live the hermitic life except to do the how do ya dos at the clubs on the weekends. These straight interlopers just seem to validate me week after week. The worst part of it is that if the gays didnt have the reputation for having access to drugs, I"m guessing you'd see a lot less straight people hanging out in gay bars.

So we have ourselves to blame?

Tags: clubbing

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