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The joke is on you

  • Saw Dark Knight (heart Regal Gateway lunch time shows. no crowds). Sure it set Batman up for the reason he becomes a dark knight, a fugitive, but this movie is totally a Joker movie. 3 hours long! Had I not known it was 3 hours long I'd have thought it was finished so many times. Ledger was scary. Oscar Oscar!  Although I must say I found his little Oprah moments with his victims rather out of place. Forced. Psychopaths dont even voice their motivations once arrested, much less in delicto flagrante.
  • spiffie did netroots volunteering all weekend so i was ALL ALONE. when he abandons me for grad school I will likely only ever leave the house to eat or shop. even at that, i didnt eat til 8pm yesterday cuz there just wasnt anything i wanted to eat and i didnt want to drive anywhere.  I'll be a hermit, but likely thin!
  • Did anyone else swoon over Keith Bryce on project runway? I checked all his friends on the myspace. straight. hot punk bear cubs doing fashion and being straight is JUST not right. And he's from outside Salt Lake City. That's like conservative heaven.
  • Finally got the last 3 books from amazon resellers for the Rachel Caine Weather Warden series. Of course book 4 is the last one to come. SRSLY, I thought I was just gonna die if i didnt have a book to read. I had to wait 2 weeks for it. Didnt want to start reading something else in the middle of a series.
  • I ran into my old best friend Mike at the gay bar. He's straight. I was like wtf? He has never come here with me!  Turns out he was at Qua and his big HUGE friend heard the club music and wanted to go inside after leaving Qua close to last call. A LIKELY STORY.   I was catching up with Mike and Gino looked like he was gonna shit his pants and finally said "I'm sorry. I have to GO" and up he went to the big box to dance, front and center. He was having a blast, and when he took his shirt off, so were the single wimmenz.  I bet I see him again. He's from Closet Station so dance music isnt exactly accessible for him except in a gay bar.  Here too, in Austin, I guess.

  • happy birthday Paisano2k

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