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Life on the D-List

  • Robbie laid down the law and forced me to go see Kathy Griffin on Friday.  I tried to beg off because I'm lazy and lame and poop-aphobic but he insisted he only had a handful of friends and I was it (others already having tickets, separately). So I just didnt eat for 2 days. Made it through the show with no poop!  She's hailarious but I think only if you are a pop media whore.  "Spencer and Heidi" jokes sailed over lots of heads.

  • DJ Seth Cooper has been subbing at Oilcans on fridays. spiff and pup were out but vacated cuz pup thinks they're cuter at Rain so I was left to my own devices and just danced and danced and had a good time all alone.

  • Istarted reading the Alienist based on the whole world saying it's a great book. I had questioned my taste cuz I hated Camus and devoured the Weather warden series. Started Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions which was just too silly for me to keep up.  The Alienist has drawn me in right away. It's like a history lesson and sherlock holmes story so far.

  • We had our ultimate Dim Sum at Tien Hong on Saturday. I guess it's Shanghai for us from now on.  Marco Polo we found kind of ech. And too lazy to drive up to TS .

  • Central Markup for sundries after. Trying out a new body soap. Bert's Bees has one now. I probably wont use it til the weekend but I like all the other products.  Let's just hope it doesnt "Zing" like the lip balm cuz that might not be a good idea on freshly shaven nutsac. JUST sayin.

  • Sunday lunch of mmmm Cabrito at Tequila Azul and then another 50 bucks on junk and razors at Target. 20 bucks for 8 pack of razors!

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    Sat, 15:05: ask me how ridiculous I am for trying to get a State inspection today on a holiday weekend

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