Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Project Runway Spoiler

  • YES Keith Bryce IS a gay!  Can I have, plz?  Actually I had already quizzed a salt lake city boy who said he saw him at the gay bars all the time, albeit always by himself. He's like me!
  • Keith. With more polish and a better fit your dress would be badass. Less white.
  • The judges chose rather poorly. That dress was sorbet vomet.
  • Love Stella's rock n roll vibe. She's a kook though.
  • Suede. Just stop with the Suede self referencing.  But nice outfit. But for Sistahs if you know what I mean. Ladies night at the Golden Tooth!
  • Leanne, I feel your pain.
  • Jerell. You design for drag queen pageants dont you? Well that dress would win a drag queen pageant definitely.
  • Daniel. I think too chic for a night on the town. I think too chic for project runway. There really should be a Hot Haute show for people like you.
  • Emily. I used to make tissue paper roses that would have looked better on your dress.
  • Blayne. It's not gay pride anymore ok?
  • Kelli. Is kelli the bomb or what? Her shit is again hot hot hot.
  • Kenley.  Hated it.
  • Korto. Safe.
  • Joe? I guess immemorable cuz I cant remember it.
  • Jennifer. Oh Jennifer. Stepford wives maids meets that Handmaid's Tale movie.
  • I dont remember anybody else.

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