Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

I updated my dating stuff. I blame pup.

About me:

* I have a sardonic and even sanguinous sense of humor.
* I have a thick skin.
* It is said I can be intimidating.
* I am what you might call free with my opinions.
* I have been sober over 8 years now but dont mind at all if you drink.
* I refuse to date a druggie.
* I value truth and faithfulness above all else.
* I like people who are on time. Disrespecting time commitments is disrespecting me.
* Using you're, your, their, they're, or there improperly is a sexual turn off for me, as is using internet shorthand such as ur and words like "sup".
* Yes I am just a little bit uptight.
* I can laugh at myself. I can laugh at you too.
* I prefer people who have careers instead of jobs.
* I love shopping but I hate trendwhores. Goodwill is preferable to Aberclones any day.
* I am not very well-versed sexually in the ways of men because I've never had that slut phase.
* I obsess about how fat I am even though I'm fairly average, and I try to eat healthy foods and stay off sugars, but I can't resist skittles.
* I have trouble accepting human frailties and am deeply hurt when people you care about let you down.
* I love myself so I'm fully prepared to love you, just like the saying goes.
* People think that I think I am intelligent.
* I think I'm dumb and just happen to read a LOT of crap on the intarwebs and seem cosmopolitan.
* I like reciprocity. In that vein I don't expect to be entertained and expect the same courtesy. Conversation is a two-way street.
* I can write a whole book but meet me in person and I might not say anything beyond hello unless you "share". I need something to work with to talk.

I think this is more than enough to get started.

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