Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

OMG Shoes

This is all euphaes' fault, really.  He showed me these Gola shoes and I forget which pair and I started looking at them. I don't even think I have anything to wear them WITH but they were so shiny and I'm like a raccoon in Where the Red Fern Grows when it comes to shiny things. Zappos has them too but they were on sale at Bluefly, and they were about 25 bucks less than when he originally showed them to me. Nuff said.

I must say out of all the "sport" shoes I've ever seen, Golas, by far, have been my favorites.  .   Maybe next month I'll get the Navy and Burgundy versions of these. Last year I maybe had 4 pairs of shoes and 3 of those were just boots. Now, I'm probably up to 20.  It's a good thing I have other shopping vices.

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