Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

I took her from behind

Aside from the shenanigans of the carnal sort, I had my first collision on Saturday. I was animatedly speaking to spiffie about the joys of Brendan Fraser on that little yield curvy right turn from Mopac to 2222 East and looked left for oncoming traffic and didnt expect her to be there when I smacked her. Just a love tap really. Poor girl had a new car with the paper license still.  Her friend was a twat, wanting to call the police and asking if my ID were valid. "I AM NOT ILLEGAL" I decried.  The driver was very very nice. I bet she was stoned =]  I'm covered for it all but the whole rest of the weekend I felt demoralized. I felt like I was less of a human being for being so careless. I felt...well, like I guess normal people feel. How dreadful. How do the rest of the proles manage?

Not wanting to be involved in any more shenanigans, I dolled up all rockstar in my Pierre et Gilles "The Madonna" shirt with the sequins, head freshly-shaven, and smoked out eyes. MAC's eyeliner cream just doesnt smudge, yo.  Most people, I guess, are just used to seeing my magical appearances acts so they dont even bat an eye at me lookin freaky.  That's kind of nice.  My ulterior motive was that if I ran into my friday night light, I wanted to see if 1) he'd recognize me and 2) if my transformation would bug him out and answer his question: Why dont you have a boyfriend?

Got home Saturday evening and talked to Beau about my wreck again. He is having his own drama waiting for his scores from the Texas Bar test. He told me what his grandma told him that day.   Worry is a sin. So I said, You are right. I am givin it to Jesus. So I did. Jesus has my insurance now.

If you're not following my Tweets, I'll say here  that I'm watching the Olympics avidly. I felt such a rush watching Team USA win the 4x100 swim relay. Michael Phelps was THE icon of victory because they were not favored in the least in that relay.  I must say it was very very nice to see a Black American athlete take a team Gold (Connor?) in swimming and not a stereotypical sport that Black Americans theoretically...and statistically...excel at.

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