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Highspanic Food

  • Me on a tirade at spiffie:  See. THIS is why I hate hispanic and latin. WHO says hey let's go eat some hispanic food!  We are eating hispanic food, right? Colombian food is hispanic. Does anybody ever say we went to have hispanic food or do they say we went and had Colombian food? Hispanic and latin are fake! As food goeth, therefore go I.
  • Apparently the Malcontent thinks economic boycotts are fascist and only for bigots in re Manhunt/McCain debacle.  Barebackers and Meth addicts shouldnt be political I guess? How do you cry bigotry and then look down your nose at Manhunt users who vote at the same time? Conservatives and right wingers manage with no sense of irony.  I know some good people on Manhunt who are neither nor either or.  Three cheers for the Malcontent for stereotyping all the gays!

  • This is what I'm reading now. It's hokey but interesting. I obsess over Gen X social deconstruction theories.  A synopsis of text: Everything a Gen Xer needed to learn in life they learned from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Key element of the Gen X: Charlie DIDN'T sell out. Xers created google and myspace and youtube and have a hunger for data accumulation. Hello Wikipedia. Anyways I'm almost done with it and can start the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series I guess.  Oh yeah, I done finished the Alienist. Now I hear there's a sequel? fuuuuuck.

X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything from Sucking (Hardcover)

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