Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

drinking at 21

I still don't understand why at 18 I can decide to kill myself, and to hear tell from other people, to kill other people by smoking, and I can make an "informed" adult decision to put my life on the line in the armed services, at 18, and I can drive all alone at 18 and have a killing machine in my hands, and I can own a gun and kill people who invade my home, and I can vote, but I still can't make up my own mind to drink?

How much fuckin money does MADD contribute to congressmen anyways?  I don't care about the statistics on who kills who at what age by drinking what. I mean I wouldnt like it if my momma were killed by a drunk driver but that can happen any day regardless of the age of the drinker.

You have conservatives refusing to teach kids about HIV and STDs and sex in schools, then you let them loose at 18 unprepared for the world. It's no wonder people get pregnant and get HIV or go wild and get drunk illegally and smash into cars and kill em. We don't teach responsibility.  We don't teach them how to be adults. We just throw them to the wolves.

Why, add closeted gayness to that mix and then sudden free to be you and me away to college, it's no wonder a lot of gays are a mess.  I guess you can't make the die for your country case for the gays, though, to be fair.

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