Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Jesus Saves

Just checked my online Geico claim status. I guess they didnt believe the twat once my photos were presented. Or something. The claim is closed and it shows only as Liability so I assume there was no medical coverage. Hercules!

Work is insane. People with new computers need setting up, online class setups are pouring in, and a security assessment which is my priority is underway. I am just chomping at the bit for my southern decadence trip here.

It didn't rain nearly as much as it should have I think.

Started watching Skins and Primeval on the BBC America. Skins is a little bit more deep than I thought it would be. Primeval is Land of the Lost but updated. Do the brits just all act poorly, or is that how britons really are? Everything looks like a cheap daytime soap opera. acting-wise.  It's why I never liked that highly rated show MI-5. I really will miss Catherine Tate on Doctor Who, though.

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