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I know in retrospect now it was stupid but

Iknow i'm retarded for going but i just thought to myself, really, i live my whole life so safely. i dont drink cuz i could die. i dont do drugs. i stay at the same job for 20 years cuz i'm afraid of the real world and I like the security i have where I work now.  I don't have sex all that often cuz I'm afraid of STDs or AIDS.  I push people away from trying to be closer friends because I'm afraid they'll be lame or use me or be emotional vampires, or worst of all, because I might love them and they might leave.  I don't talk to strangers at bars cuz I think they're all druggies.  There are drunk rednecks out there and you're a gay so keep your eyes peeled and stay alert so you can be safe.  I am overburdened with SAFE.

I am going to new orleans and so what if there's a little adventure. That was what I was thinking. It spoke to my heart as a closet writer.

There came a point at 1am where I was at Lafitte's in Exile and a friend from Austin said their hotel was throwing everybody out in the morning. There was still no mandatory evacuation. It was just a suggestion. Robbie and his boyfriend were already mad and at the hotel since midnight.  I said to myself, I saw the city I love already, I've had a great time so far, I've already had me some fried shromp and got to see Denver who I hadn't seen in 2 years. I can go home now.  For me, going to new orleans is like, well i dont know how to explain it. If you have children, it's like checkin on them one last time before you go to bed and then going to bed knowing they're in them sound asleep. There is a lot of love in that one action.

I'd already done that so I decided to come home. All flights to ANYWHERE out of New orleans from all major airlines were sold out and there were 5 flights to Houston by some miracle. You God haters call it what you want.   I got a 730 flight out cuz at that point I just wanted to be out of there and get it over with. Not cuz I was afraid, but because, well, I'd already put this trip behind me. 

Itold my hotel guests there werent any flights out and they were gonna be fucked if they had to evacuate.  They got up and after reading the Continental staff for filth, who had assured them before they came if there were evacuation orders, they'd have planes to take them out. Filthy Lies.  They got flights to Dallas too.

Gaybear Philip saw me online and asked what I was gonna do. His friend was stuck there. No flights out.  I told him to check southwest and just now he told me he got a flight out.  He said his friend was scared shitless. Windows boarded all up and riot police in the streets when he left. He said it reminded him of the LA Riots so he was scared. 2 hours in a cab for him to the airport and security wouldnt let ANYONE in without a ticket. 

I practically waltzed right into the airport when I left at 4am. Seriously, it took me 30 minutes total from hotel to last security check.  I've never had an easier departure, save for the lack of sleep. 

I said to myself I'm not going back. Not because I was afraid, but because I'd already said it was my last Decadence. I need to branch out. Move out of my vacation safety zone.  The cabdriver on the way out wished me well and thanked me for the tip and told me most earnestly, it's a shame you have to go, just remember to please come back.

I guess, like the vampire Lestat in New Orleans, it will always be calling me back.

And now, music to accompany the story. LOVE IT.

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