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Felipe Campos

Don't you know that I'm toxic.

Where do I begin? Oh yeah. NOWHERE.

spiffie got his jaw broken and set (on purpose). So now he's part Terminator with metal plates in his face and will probably get anal probed at airport security points for the rest of his life. So now he won't look like Michael Phelps, but he also cant eat solids. This means I have nobody to eat lunch with on the weekends and I'll starve. I TRIED to be, you know, like a social human, and go to lunch, but people are such flakes. When do you want to go? Where to? "Oh I don't know." My answer: Fuck you. This is why I don't have friends. Bye!

I guess I made a day of it, which is why I don't try so hard to be social outside of the cloobs. I said hey, spiffie's out of commish, let's go up to MT Supermarket! I went up and got me some fixings to make chinese spinach, some shrimp balls and lobster balls to saute in with some shrimps n leeks and maybe throw that inside some tapioca paper to make some pan-fried dumplings. But since I was way out there and God knows how long I'll be able to eat spiffie-riffic again (6 mos maybe til he can eat real solids) I decided to get me a whole duck and a pound of bbq pork. This should give me a week or two of meals. I hadnt eaten so I also got some Orange Chicken for last night. MMMM. This can feed me dinner for 2 weeks at least cuz I only eat dinner at home 3 nights a week.

What else. How shall I put this. People who refer to me as their friend (not always two-ways, trust me on that one) keep asking me what I'm doing for my birthday. I keep saying uh, well I don't eat dinner when I go out so I'm just coming out and dressing prettier than usual. Only the one guy who I always perceive as being the shallowest has insisted we have dinner together. It's hard to tell with him though if it's cuz he wants something out of it. What is he after? On my part, it seems like all he's after is to be closer to someone. Anyone. If it's me that's a good bonus for him. My evile machinating mind thinks automatically, although likely untrue, that he's just going to save this birthday dinner thing for an inequitable future bartering chit.

So I'm celebrating on saturday the 28th, going into my actual birthday on the 29th.  I may treat myself to Fonda San Miguel on my actual birthday if I can wake up. I'll just eat at the bar if and nevermind reservations.

Work has almost settled down to normal. Something died in the walls, though. Are there OSHA rules for this cuz I caint work like this. My office door is shut and it is still seeping in. The boss said I could go work from outside with my laptop but it's a bit chilly still. Don't Front! I'm a Texan. It's below 70 and I'm chilled!  Feels teh Awesome.

Oh RIGHT. Yall might wanna know about my momminems. As some of you know, they live in Pasadena. Well they are without power for God knows how long. Dad has a generator and also had the presence of mind to freeze gigantic water jugs and put everything in the deep freezer out back, so they have food at home at least for a day or two if they arent silly and keep opening it up.  No damage on the house, nor at my sister's.  They didnt sleep a wink through the Ike assault and they all remembered they were Christians THAT night.  I think their biggest problem will be keeping the kids entertained with no power.

I had a pornstar latched onto me friday. You've probably never heard of him. I tried to throw a little somethin somethin chasing's way by saying he had a large hoo hoo dilly but pup didnt realize this was his opening, and Nathan was too drunk AND ADHD to jump on it. That didn't deter pup though. He had his own agenda separate from mine. Unfortunately mister ADHD couldnt stop checking his manhunt inbox long enough to close the deal. As was stated in that scandalous Out magazine article about Manhunt, it's hard for some people to commit when they are fully aware there is something better out there. It's SO true; You just have to be willing to waste all that time on no fruit.

By the way. Are your friends toxic? http://www.planetout.com/health/mental/?sernum=6306&navpath=/channels/health/mental/
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