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Felipe Campos

Pray it forward

I feel good about myself. I donated to the Capitol Area Food Bank of Texas, specifying Ike Relief.  You should too. You'll feel good about yourself too, I promise!

I also sent email to see if I could volunteer for the OctoTea.  You should consider attending too. It's downtown so I have no excuses this year. Well, Rain was always an excuse so you never know.

Mom said they have power now. They got it about 7pm last night.  It was a right well miracle too. Srsly, as their poor overworked generator died they were thinkin what in hell are we gonna do. All the meat is in the deep freezer. Yesenia, my sister in law comes out and says hey the power just came on. They were incredulous at this miracle. Hercules! Dad was worried about caring not only for him and my mom, but my brother's family who is staying there while Jesse is in Iraq, as well as my sister's kids (she's stayin with her man) who are also without power and would be bored shitless at their own house.  Yesenia asked them if they'd said their prayers cuz hers were answered. 

I'd already considered finding a rental car with a huge gas tank to go down there with food items. Mom said all they have at the Krogers was hamburger meat. They were still busy getting rid of all the bad perishable produce and meat etc when she popped in.  I had considered shipping them some Kreuz's sausages as a surprise treat.  My car can make it there and most of the ways back but depending on traffic, etc, it isnt a sure thing. Mom assures me with power back on they'll be just fine.  Still can't drink the water but they can bathe.  And it's a game of cat and mouse to get gasoline there, and when they can, it's a $50 gas limit. Parents have trucks the both of them so $50 isn't much.  We also joked about being unable to sleep at night because everybody who had a generator had them running at night. I told Mother that I bet everyone would be getting a few of those generators for Christmas, if not sooner. She said she was gonna get an extry one herself.  They fed half the neighborhood the other day cuz they had 3 briskets in the freezer and decided to cook them all and share the wealth. They were completly set with camping equipment and food and water because they'd been prepared to "hunker" since Hurricane Dolly. Yes. That far back (July 2008).

Met better_angel in person, finally.  Now he knows I'm not really morbidly obese. But my soul is!

Oh. Did I mention that I forgot I set my calendar to start weeks on Mondays so I'm over here thinking that Sunday is my birthday? euphaes had to set me straight.
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