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Birthdays come and gone. I was looking snazzy on Saturday. Monday I didnt do anything but buy myself a costco card. Mom insisted I couldnt do laundry on my bday, gay.com was dead, I had tons of books, already shopped for clothing and halloween stuff, what else was I to do?

I was in a bit of a funk when I came to work on Tuesday. I've been saying I'm 40 for 2 years so I don't think I was having my regular nobody loves me bday depression. I think I was just tired or maybe allergies. I just felt...Nothing. Or worse, if people talked to me I just felt dread. Why are you talking to me?  I spent all week wondering if I was depressed and then yesterday the worst thought came to me. I havent been going to yoga and my endorkins are fucking me up. Say it aint so. I told spiffie about it and he said that very same thing! He's hateful.

Did I mention I "quit" yoga?  I was getting my stuff to go and just hollered out I've had it! I quit! I'm just gonna be fat and die!  My boss just laughed. One, I am just really lazy. Two, I was getting tired of feeling tired. Work, yoga, cook, eat, project runway, sleep.  It just seems like I never have time to chillax. Yeah Yeah I have all weekend to do that, but really I'm recuperating from going out to the disco.  Quit the disco you say? No way.  Euphaes will likely make me go back at least to his class if my unsunny disposition doesnt convince me that my body is crying out for endorphins.

I am taking it easy for halloween. I went crazy on the ebay buying ball masques so I have like 4 of the same ones in 4 colors. I also went medieval on their asses and bought a doublet thingy and a "poet shirt".  I am also buying some thigh high boot covers. So I will be outfitted in a quasi renaissance ball outfit. I think I'll wear the red masque and be the red death?

Steebles got me a LJ membership so that extended my current one for a year. Thankee Steebles!  Yours was the one gift I got. Alicia and Mike did take me to lunch at Magnolia on Sunday though. I be knowin Mike for 19 years. Alicia for uh, 15.

I have been watching all the new tv shows. People are hating on Fringe. I like it. It's not GREAT but it's something to watch.  More people seriously need to watch the BBC America. I am liking Primeval. Gavin & Stacy too. I LOVE Skins. It's campy and fresh and crazy and breaks all american television rules because the guys always have erections. Teens with erections on tv. Groundbreaking! I'm still blogging the shows on my offsite blagh.  I figured I didnt want to annoy people here that much with it since it really isn't all that personal. Little Britain invades America was just so-so so far.

  • I have read a few items about Blacks in California. A huge black voter turnout to support Obama could screw the gays over on proposition 8, given the data about black attitudes toward homosexuality. I don't know. I don't understand why they beat into your head don't stereotype don't stereotype you're a racist, but when it comes to things like voting, it seems ok to stereotype?

  • One last thing. This thing here could save the gays!  Wouldn't that be fabulous? An AIDS tamagotchi keyring!  Oh but you know vicious queens would just be runnin around the club sending out their aids tamagotchi rays at random. Maybe that's what we need to get our ass in gear? Public accountability! haha

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