Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Maybe it's the government job

Or maybe I'm just too dumb. Or maybe it's cuz I have my car paid off and low low interest credit card rates which are nearly paid off. Or maybe it's cuz i wasn't foolish enough to buy a house I couldnt afford. But so far, as I began, maybe I'm too dumb to know I should be stressing about the economy.  I guess my cheeseburgers are up a few pennies.  Even gas prices soaring hasn't affected me, but gas prices have dropped some. I guess since a goodly portion of my income is FINALLY play money, I won't feel the crunch at all when/if spiffie decides he's going to grad school. Then I will have to contend with finding a probably more expensive place to live, further from work, and thus higher gas costs. 

Stocks. Bonds. Assets. Mortgages. I've always considered those luxuries of the elite, which I have never been.  I do have my mandatory Teacher's Retirement System but that's not real money to me. For all I know I'll die before seeing a penny of it, and at this point in time I hope that's true.  So if the markets or whatevers have an impact on my TRS account, I don't much care. I feel sorry for those people who opted out of TRS and went into 401K plans. From my understanding, they gambled with their retirement savings. How smart is that?

I'm in the Iraq Plan when it comes to this bail out. It's communist, this bailout. I can't believe Republicans are not screaming about it. It SEEMS un-Republican to me, buying people's mortgages and taking over banks. So when I say "Iraq Plan" I mean, well we broke it, we have to fix it, regardless of whether or not it's fair to fiscally responsible people. It just really really chaps my ass because I am almost paid off on 20 years of fiscal irresponsibility. It's taken me 5 or 6 years. OK OK the car was not fiscally irresponsible, but it was still part of my debt.

Nobody was there from the government to buy up my 21.1% interest on my credit cards. Nobody made me sign up for those credit cards.
When I hear the gays talk about oh it's the banks' fault for offering these loans, I talk about personal accountability. They still dont see my point. So I put it in terms of AIDS and Sex.   I give you a great sex offer. I'm hot. I'm appealing. I'm everything you want in a man. I don't want to use a condom. It's a high risk situation. Do you accept my offer?

one has nothing to do with the other, right? my body is my home.  bleeding heart lefties might say oh but this is their hearth and their home and having a home is a basic American foundation blah blah blah. I'd love to be buying a home. I'm not lower economic class here. I rent because that's what I can do.

700 billion dollars. Like thise nurses in San Francisco in a protest march for healthcare said. We've been fighting for universal healthcare for 51? years and have gotten nothing but Congress manages to pull 700 billion out of its ass in one week to help save a dying economy it helped to create. What utter bullshit.

Ok i'm done. Back to my ignorance about economics.
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