Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

I was thinkin the same thing

lil bro Jesse: english comp
egoiste: they have english comp in iraq?
lil bro Jesse: yes im doing it online through central texas college for my associates
egoiste: that's great. you make me proud sometimes
egoiste: i dont know if that means anything to you but you trying to be better means something to me
egoiste: can we hug now
lil bro Jesse: man ive been going to college for a while now i already have about 30 semesterhours
lil bro Jesse: Man it took me coming over here [Iraq] for you to find out all this about me. thats crazy huh
egoiste: well nobody wants to know about my life so i just listen to everybody else's. and if you dont say anything i dont know to ask
lil bro Jesse: oh and i dont ask anything because i figured if you wanted for somebody to know you would tell them

Well at least now I know why he tries to shush his wife when she "pries". I have to be fair, though. I've never had anything to tell.

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