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Ooh baby baby it's a wild world.

  • Our annual security assessment ended last week. I cannot believe how many people just ignored it. Apparently the words "Annual"  "Security" "LAW" "Mandatory" are words that people ignore.  It's no wonder how Republicans get elected. People just ignore things. I was seriously stressing over it but only because there was a lot of pointless walking around trying to find people who werent there, and if they were, doing their assessment for them on paper. Security Guy spent a month creating an online version to make it easy, all for naught. It should make next year seem a miracle, though.  Boss asked me to look over a strongly worded email encouraging people to look over it. Since it's Texas Law, it has the power of the Dean behind it, so I told him "Use the power of the office instead of the power of the words."  I think I shocked myself when I said it. Diplomacy, me?
  • Had lunch with Beau at the Galaxy Cafe down to West Lynn on Friday. Note to self: if you know you don't eat dinner on fridays, perhaps something a little more stick to your ribs is in order. Their Fish sammich was yummy though.
  • Speaking of food, I tried the Buffalo sauced Chicken sammich at Wendy's.  Surprisingly yummy. mm

  • I have been trying to observe Hara Hachi bu. It's easier to do at work cuz I can just pick things from the cafeteria that are already made.  I feel guilty throwing away food I don't finish, and even moreso if it's food I cooked myself. I'm learning how to better guestimate my hunger and size of portions I should serve, though.  I guess I've lost five pounds or so but even without weight loss, I just feel thinner cuz i'm not bloated all day from having eaten to full or overeating.
  • Spiffie came home DRUNK on friday. he made vulgar retching-hiccups all night long and after each one he'd moan piteously like he was in pain. I sent him an amazon gift certificate even though he didnt even say hello to me on my birthday. nothing. nada. zilch.  I figured I would be the bigger man so I sent him the certificate with these kind words: "Hater". Oh yeah. He turned 32 on Saturday.
  • I accidentally forgave my deaf Brazillian on friday. We literally ran into each other chest to chest so he cut loose on me and said that he was sorry and not to be mad at him. His friend was very very cute and said OH HY! I seen you on gay.com!  How could I not forgive him with such a cute friend in tow?  It wasn't until I started staring at people as I usually do at the bars that I realized that deaf people grab each other for attention so they can lip read.  Maybe I was making excuses for him having put his hands on me and to rationalize to myself that I couldn't just forgive him cuz I'm a nice person, cuz I'm not.
  • I didnt go to Lovexotic. I didn't go to Maker fair. I didn't go to Masqred. I wonder if I'll ever get my mojo back.  I think, sometimes, I just need a friend-type person who just TELLS me WE are going to go here and I'll start doing things. Of course, that doesn't work with pup and spiffie so maybe I am lying. Then again it might not work for them because it used to, and they are flaky cuz they both still act like they're 25yo rock stars, so now it doesnt work.

  • I DID clean my room, my bathroom, and did all my laundry yesterday, though. When I do it like that it's always like I just got a new life.  The only thing that could make it feel any fresher would have been for me to cook something fancy and new. I am not interested in that right now though cuz spiffie's being a freezer whore cuz everything he makes is soup so he has all these frozen soups and frozen veggies. I have no clue what I have in there anymore. It's anarchy.
  • What are you wearing for Halloween?

I keep liking pathetic songs. Landon Pigg-Falling in love in a coffee shop. Unkle bob-swans. Coldplay-Fix you. Snow Patrol-Chasing cars. Colbie Caillat-Realize. I've got to get a grip. Or stop watching Grey's Anatomy.
You must listen to these 2 songs. I insist. get a hanky. I've already tweeted them so twitterers can ignore them.
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