Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

my Yelp review for Fiddler's Hearth for you Pub types

I went and had lunch here today (in the old downtown Bennigan's location). Ploughman's cheeses were delicious. A yellow cheddar, a white aged irish cheddar i think, and one of them crumbly stiltons without the bleu? Shepherd's pie was the best I've tasted in Austin, and a good large portion, and actually made with lamb (according to the menu). Choice of salad or soup with the pie and I chose the soup of the day Potato and leek. I wanted to lick the bowl.

Now I love me some Dog and Duck and that's what I went in there expecting. You know, fast food type pub grub. This food seemed to have heart and comfort and didnt taste fast foody at all.

Today was their actual first business day with food. Liquor license in about a week they said, but until then you can BYOB. Sign says 11-midnight.  It's scant on the decor but I'm sure that's coming. It has that legacy outside Bennigan's patio for you smokers. (yey!)  They have already showcased bands for the Celtic society? and plan on doing more.

I must go back for the sunday brunch BUFFET. yes. BUFFET. 
So far so good.  I figure if  you can't do a good simple shepherd's pie, all else is fail, and for me, theirs did it.

I've classified it as Irish but you can  get your Fish and Chips and bangers and mash and Galician flair too.

FYI the menu had items marked gluten-free, vegan, and uh, something else.  It says Indiana but it works for here too.

I'd have loved to have had a hot ploughman's like D&D though. I don't remember bubble and squeak on the menu so I could mesh with the ploughman.  Is that more British?

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