Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Remember me?

Christmas break is both the worst and best time to move. Worst because of the expenses you already have with gift giving, and best because you have all that break time to move and theoretically get things in order.

Ihave yet to do the "order" part. I'm almost there. The problem is 20 years of living in Austin and this thing called accumulation. I need a neti pot for my life, it seems. I keep going through things and throwing them out feels like throwing away a part of myself, but I realize a lot of that stuff is a part of me that hasnt existed for a long time. They are substitutes for memory and should just go in the trash.

40 VHS tapes? I mean srsly? Off to Goodwill.  I don't even consider myself sentimental so it makes it ironic and silly, being a packrat.

I'm also a geek so what do geeks do? Oh I could maybe one day use this cable. That PC slot card to do wifi may come in handy for some aunt with an ancient computer you know. I have no less than 3 SLR cameras and I have not shot a single photo on film in about a decade!

Gone is the 10 year old shelved series 1 Tivo. Gone is the wedding dress from a drag show 8 years ago because, well, you just never know when you'll want that for a costume. (But you swear, SWEAR you'll unload those brick sized Verizon phones to that donation program they have for vets, or was it for safe space for battered women?). yeah right.

I did get rid of 7 giant hefty bags of clothing though. I still have a walk in closet full of hang up type stuff. A whole toychest full of just tank tops. A chest of drawers that fits most of my shorts and about half of my pants. An armoir full of tees and overflow. My wardrobe is a testament to my life. I always want options even though I already know what I'm never going to wear.

I have more to write but I think I'm going to space them out so I'll seem prolific and so anybody else who might read doesnt feel that TL;DR that I know I always do.
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