Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Quasi spiffie date: A Report. Hold onto your hats.

This is classic ego-spiffie chat. Almost every conversation of ours runs this way. It’s very Abbott and Costello, methinks. I’m the fat one.

egoiste: are you drunk twittering
spiffie: I would never do that
egoiste: what’s with your OMG and the psych [tweet]
egoiste: ohhhh. does this relate to your quasi date
spiffie: si
egoiste: HOW did this happen
spiffie: we’re both equally lame so his friends pushed him into me on the dance floor at elysium on Sunday
egoiste: how did his friends know you were lame
egoiste: were you wearing your red atari shirt or something

egoiste: so who is this kid. is he cute. did yall do it.
spiffie: no
spiffie: his name is adam
spiffie: give me the scoop, you know everyone
egoiste: adam what
spiffie: adam XXXX
egoiste: omg he’s not on your facebook?
spiffie:I just got home an hour ago!
egoiste:and you didnt know his friends either i gather
spiffie: no but he says he goes to gay clubs sometimes
egoiste: i see only one on facebook
spiffie: so he is in your bailiwick
egoiste: and he is friends with my ancient friend matthew. i will see if i can dig up infos
egoiste: it’s like he has zero gay friends
egoiste: ok. i am spotting more gays. they are just gays i dont speak to
spiffie: heh
egoiste: so how did the date go
spiffie: it was drinks, not a real date
egoiste: /me marks the alcoholic column
spiffie: we met at elysium for pup’s shindig that you totally skipped!
egoiste: yes. yes i did. i’m a grownup.
spiffie: I’m almost a grownup ={
spiffie: but he did go to work this morning
spiffie: so he’s a grownup, too, I guess
egoiste: i made it to work everyday i was killing myself with booze
spiffie: then we bar hopped to shangri-la where a nice mexican girl gave us directions
egoiste:directions to where
spiffie: to shangri-la. because it’s confusing. the front door isn’t the front door
egoiste: is that supposed to be a joke
spiffie:no. it’s what happened!
spiffie: there’s like two bars in one building
egoiste: so it’s not just confusing to find shangri la as a gimmick
spiffie: and the bar in the front door is like a cholo mexican bar and out around back is a hipster bar
egoiste: where is it
spiffie:east 6th
spiffie: we helped support gentrification
egoiste: evile
egoiste: i meant was the whole getting lost finding shangri la thing part of its schtick
egoiste: since no one can find shangri la
spiffie: oh I don’t think so because there was a sign, we just missed it
spiffie: and walked in the mexican bar looking really confused, and the nice mexican girl (our sherpa?) told us where to go
egoiste: “got lost on the way to shangri la”
egoiste: did you at least make out
spiffie: oh yes
egoiste: was it hot. is he a good kisser.
spiffie: I would say so
egoiste: but no shagging? cant have been all that good.
spiffie: eh well I’m seeing him again tonight
egoiste: oh good. do you still remember how to do it?
spiffie: it’s like riding a bike, isn’t it?
egoiste: Now how should I know?
spiffie: because you know everything!
spiffie: surely there’s a website you’ve run across that discusses it
egoiste: actually yes. all the time. as often as possible, really.
egoiste: so maybe all these 9 years I was holding you back, huh
spiffie: no I don’t think so
spiffie: because it was just weird random
egoiste: oh. so if you cant blame me then I cant quid pro quo blame you for my barren sex and love life. hater.
spiffie: I know better than to fall into your traps! most of them
egoiste: i suppose if anyone would, it’s you. but how did you know it was a trap
spiffie: because it was a “does this dress make me look fat” question
egoiste: lol

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