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Chang a lang gettin paid ovah here

I've been reading Rant by Chuck Palahniuk. It's a gas. If you want something out of the ordinary to read, this fits. It's written in interview form, so it's not exactly linear. That makes it post-modern, right?  Looking forward to more Palahniuk.

I had a very productive weekend, for me. Had a flat tire repaired, got my oil did. did my taxes.


Really it doesnt. It's like monopoly money to me. I dont know why but for the longest time i've kept a 1000 dollar bank cushion because of car trouble I had a few years back. So for me, that's not real money. And I guess building a larger nest egg just made it more imaginary money to me too. But it was money in-hand. My logic was that my credit card had a set 4% rate til paid in full. If i charged anything new, 18%. So better to keep cash on hand just in case, right? I've been like 8 years without just in case!

I started considering my kitty New Truck Down Payment. I don't even need a new car. I've had mine 8 years and still only have 63K and it started with 30K. I just feel sort of incomplete without a truck. I bought my CRV when I had friends. What a riot that is now. I'd been sending 300 dollar payments on my Visa so I guess if i don't change my lifestyle much, that 300 in savings will build up rather quickly, on top of my regular 220 dollar automatic savings input. At 520 bucks a month in savings, that should build a nice new car down payment.

Paying half on a new car. How awesome would that be? I'm not even considering trade-in value of the car. Bluebook value at its age is probably shit.

Tax refund is for new orleans, obviously.

Grown-up types tell me don't think about the car. Get a condo. I just don't think I'm built that way. Ownership just seems so, I dunno, gross. Perhaps I drank too many beers with Marxists when I was younger.  I look at it this way. I'm 40. I hope I don't live long enough to care about owning my own home with condo fees and HOA fees and taxes and insurance and escrows and blah blah blah. It's just too much drama for someone like me.  I foresee myself just sort of being a remora and moving in with an old doddering gay with extry space and a lonely hearth.  Or boarding with Zombienought.  God only knows what spiffie will be up to if he ever actually goes to grad school.

Nevermind that none of my visions of life include a significant other. Is that depressing? I hadn't considered that because of my indomitable independence I guess.

I've developed a rhythm living alone now. During the week I do nothing. On the weekend I find excuses to leave the house during the day. Lunch. Groceries. Target for sundries.

I do my usual nights on the town.

spiffie got a job. He has yet to live up to his threat of having lunch with me. I've eaten in my office everyday for 22 years. He keeps fucking with my program.

Facebook and Twitter have been eating up my blogging needs I guess. Most of my random thoughts turn into tweets and so many LJers read either one or the other or both I feel like this is overkill here. But there are some who still just use LJ, and I did pay for that lifetime membership after all, so I feel guilty about not posting every once in a while.

It's interesting. throwingstardna uses loudtwitter for all his tweets and his fans seem to love it. It makes his LJ like a very long drawn out FB status update conversation.  but my chatter friends absolutely hate loudtwitter. I guess they're anti-social-media, or as I've stated "utilitarian" intarwebbers. It serves as a function. For the rest of us, it serves a function AND a diversion.  I don't know why people like that don't just send snail mail to each other. I mean really. That's right, I'm talking about YOU.

I tend to work the other way around though. Long thoughts go here and I import them as notes into FB where I have potentially 200+ readers.  Twits are mostly all on my facebook too, and/or here, so I don't post "egoistetx published a new blahg at [link]" like some folks do.  That was one of the things I hated about Myspace. All those bulletins "Just updated my blog. Please read." "Just uploaded new photos".  I guess I'm the same as the loudtwitter haters =]

I have streamlined my life at http://egoiste.storytlr.com/  Profilactic.com has my online "jump page" but I am liking storytlr.com as my complete funnel. Of course I have a self hosted backup for when the overlords take over.

I am loving the use of tr.im. It lets me guage the sort of things people who read my shizzle are interested in. Phelps bong stories and hot gays are definitely popular.  Current Events, not so much. I guess we all read the same stuff.  I encourage you to convert from tinyurl to tr.im.
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