Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

Withering Heights

egoistetx:did i tells you someone hit on me last night
pedro: oh yeah. who
egoistetx: i dont know who he was . a random thug.  he was so polite. it was unusual
pedro: did you run the other way
egoistetx: he said may i have a private moment with you
so i said ok
then he crooked his arm so that he might escort me aside
pedro: oh how cute
egoistetx: so i put my arm in his
pedro: !
egoistetx: and he escorted me across the patio
and told me he thought i was very attractive
and asked if i might like some company for the evening
and i am like does he want me or is he a hooker
pedro: haha.  sounds like a scene from a classic novel. like emily bronte
egoistetx: but i said no i dont pick up strange men in bars
and i was gassy and didnt wash my ass
is that in bronte
pedro: not in the edited version they teach in high school
Tags: chatlogs

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