Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

The residue of Divine Right

egoiste: they took  away my whiteness today
mom: why
egoiste: i dont know why. the fat lady said that's just the way it is now
mom: what u talking about
egoiste: i went to renew my driver's license
i been white all my life on there
mom: and
egoiste: and she made me hispanic today
mom: thats funny
egoiste: i got into a fight with her over it
mom: ha ha
they could arrest u there
egoiste: I said I been white my whole life! i hate hispanic. either make me mexican or leave it alone
she said they dont do mexican
so i told her to put me as other
but she said that's just for foreigners
mom: no latino
egoiste: no. not latino either. just hispanic
well i dont know. she didnt even ask me
and it was not on any forms
she just turned me into a hispanic
and i heard her mumbling about everything i filled out
mom: u should have told her texican
egoiste: and heard hispanic and that's when i said SAY WHAT?
she said come on. i see your name is campos.
she was a mexican and she pronounced it right
she said well you are not caucasian
and i said yes i am. all hispanics are caucasian unless you are black
and black people can be just black. or hispanic black
and she said  no they arent
mom: u should have told her in the old days u were either white or black period
egoiste: so i am hollering at her yes they are. check your census!
she knows that
so i had to tell you about it
so you can get my birth certificate out
and tell me if it says white
so i dont have to be hispanic anymore
mom: youre in austin son and can get it faster but im sure it says white cause ours do
egoiste: that's what i thought
they cant change those, can they?
mom: im gonna go dig it out but i thought u had it
egoiste: no you never gave it to me
dont bother
i am just trying to be funny about it on facebook
mom: ok youve vented
egoiste: i told everybody that i had only been hispanic 30 minutes and i think the police department has already racially profiled me
and that i was losing my taste for chicken fried steak
mom: crazy
egoiste: de veras
ok i'll leave you alone now. i was just being silly
but that all did happen
Tags: chatlogs, personal

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