Felipe Campos (egoiste) wrote,
Felipe Campos

On the subject of Old School (gay, understood)

"Aside from the profligate and sometimes involuntary misuse of the feminine pronoun, the basic tenets of old school consciousness amount to an appreciation of individual and personal style (Bernhard Wilhelm, in the very first interview of the very first issue, speaks of "steering clear of clichéd notions of glamour and beauty") and the conviction of one's outsider status, be it the drama of exile (self-imposed or otherwise), the flamboyance of fashion, or a particularly dogged dedication to degeneracy. If this is what you want to call 'elitist', then go ahead. I prefer to think of it as faggotry, pure and simple. "

LaBruce, Bruce. "Fats and Femmes, Please! An introduction to Butt Magazine." Butt Book
Tags: faggoty

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