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On the topic of Icing

Padtron (Padtron) has connected [from thor.org] on port #4 on Thu, Jul 15

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "Padtron I am in need of a somewhat socially normative male to answer a question and around these parts, you're it"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "Okay"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "Hit me!"

#451:C0) Wastraelian says, "heh"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "what the FUCK is this "iced" shit all about"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "the heteronormative males seem to be into it and now it's hit the gay bars"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "yeah"

#1:C0) Loligo says, "it's a fratboy thing"

#23:C0) luna says, "iced?"

#23:C0) luna has not even heard the term

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "it seems to be like that..what was that game where you look at the finger hole?"

#23:C0) luna says, "so much for heteronormative"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "Right"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "you get to punch them if they look at your hand sphincter"

#1:C0) Loligo says, "they try to find a clever way to hand you a smirnoff ice, and you have to drink it"

#23:C0) luna says, "How very odd."

#4:C0) Padtron says, "Well, I know all sorts, but the one person I know who told me about ice is a total fuckhead"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "so i keep seeing photos of people down on their knees chugging ice at the gay bars"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "er icing"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "so it's the fraternity rick roll? gotcha"

#451:C0) Wastraelian says, "smirnoff ice, drink choice of cheap sluts of both sexes"

#23:C0) luna says, "clever marketing ploy, or mindless idiocy? You decide"

#1:C0) Loligo says, "it's dumbass bro culture shit"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "I had thought of a funny gay version, wherein you use your sperm to fill the crack of the dude you just effed. so much for my imagination, which is now permanently ruined"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "Right"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "More or less"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "I do it with my kids. if they see a purple car they have to give a good grito"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "do bros think smirnoffs are faggoty? is that it"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "Yes"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "Very much so"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "well i do too but you know, hypermasculine culture here"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "It's really sort of like making a man wear a tampon"

#1:C0) Loligo says, "yep, that's why they have to do the on their knees thing"

#23:C0) luna says, "maybe he squelched you"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "But I guess icing focus grouped better"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "so the knees thing is a crypto-cocksuck"

#1:C0) Loligo says, "yep"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "I think so. By god I think you've cracked it"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "Oh well then now I love it."

#4:C0) Padtron says, "the fanny, that is"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "yeah"

#1:C0) Loligo says, "daniel tosh did a good bit about it a couple of weeks ago"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "I imagine you could have a real subversive time with it"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "well this is not as fun as gay chicken"

#404:C0) GooderThanHell says, "I think people treat smirnoff ice and zima as wine coolers, which are supposed to be for girls and fags only"

#23:C0) luna says, "cheap girls"

#404:C0) GooderThanHell says, "I guess that ego has not found a corrollary response in the gay community"

#23:C0) luna says, "not any girls"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "I don't drink and tend to ignore the drinking shenanigans or be entirely left out"

#1:C0) Loligo says, "and there are rules about blocking where if you have a bottle and someone ices you, you can reverse it and they have to drink both"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "That makes sense"

#23:C0) luna says, "wow, there are rules"

#451:C0) Wastraelian says, "and Loligo knows them"

#69:C0) EgOiStE says, "I am going to have to blog this. does anyone request a name change?"

#23:C0) luna chuckles

#4:C0) Padtron says, "?"

#4:C0) Padtron says, "Oh"


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