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  • Sat, 13:15: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Cut Copy (13), London Grammar (11) & Atlas Genius (11) #lastfm http://t.co/WEir1ANaVX
  • Sat, 15:09: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgyidM
  • Sat, 16:55: this week, and last night especially, I am thinking to myself, why the fook do I not own a balaclava!? I swear it's colder today, though
  • Sat, 16:56: I love it when you go out of town and everyone tells you where to go so you can have their vacation instead of your own
  • Sat, 19:19: RT @statesman: State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte formally announced today that she will run for lieutenant governor. http://t.co/8PULDyr8uU
  • Sat, 19:25: going shopping after eating spicy Indian food. with my bowels, who says I don't live dangerously
  • Sun, 01:40: good lerd, doctor who just gave me a headache and it still has a ways to go
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