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  • Wed, 15:12: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgyidM
  • Wed, 15:31: the weather is fiendishly clever and fooled me into thinking it was a beautiful day cuz the sun is out. my peen is 100% foreskin, now
  • Wed, 15:51: yes. yes, I did just buy the one direction song - story of my life just to put on my driving home for the holidays ipod list
  • Wed, 18:51: nevermind buccees. shopping local for klobasnek! (@ Hruška's) http://t.co/MDUDY9PAeR
  • Thu, 01:02: I'm the thinnest brother again!
  • Thu, 03:54: chag sameach. cHappy cHanukkah. etc. save me some sufganyiot
  • Thu, 04:26: everyone here is making mom's comcast wifi suck, so thanks, neighbor, with the freely open WAP! vpn engaged, just in case =]
  • Thu, 05:40: digging this ‘Give It Up’ track by @Exroyale that I heard via @wefoundnewmusic https://t.co/WLfV34YSwX
  • Thu, 09:36: drunk jail brother finally went to bed after I made him cry and asked him if all he wanted was applause and I clapped. teach him to wake me
  • Thu, 09:42: today is day 28 and I am thankful that I give thinks when warranted and with more immediacy, evidently, than my contemporaries
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