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  • Wed, 21:20: well, actually I DID receive a written invitation to move to austin, and free money to do so
  • Wed, 22:16: prof: I had to get another visa me: are you not US American prof: no. I'm canadian me: can y'all take back bieber prof: no. nor celine dion
  • Wed, 22:21: I didn't realize hootsuite was not making my fb crossposts public. haters
  • Thu, 00:00: I bought 5 boxes of girl scout cookies. don't tell me heteronormatives don't shove their sexuality down my throat. omnomnom
  • Thu, 01:23: wow. today's cedar count is insanely high. I can only assume the ginger from mainlining masala chai is inoculating me
  • Thu, 03:07: I missed the season premiere of girls. who did hannah screw to jump the shark for her critics this time
  • Thu, 03:24: RT @WIRED: After Kickstarter success, "Veronica Mars" to get spinoff web series http://t.co/trt2avbuRV
  • Thu, 04:40: The '60s Batman TV show is finally coming to DVD (thanks to Conan?) http://t.co/xZmpiwVyWM
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