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  • Thu, 18:05: I don't know why, but those "our thoughts go out" statements have always enraged me
  • Thu, 18:38: my legs hurt. next year, I want to attend sxsw via hologram. we have the technology!
  • Thu, 19:08: @shivvy me to @AustinBloggy "I am not sure groping bears and drinking beer in the street all day is your scene" re: southern decadence
  • Thu, 19:53: wtf. I hadn't heard anything about cut copy being here until just now via bandsintown email
  • Thu, 19:57: Google slashes Google Drive storage pricing, offers 1TB for $9.99 | The Verge http://t.co/pTztelFY90
  • Thu, 20:52: lookie what just showed up in the mail! http://t.co/3d2xVj8CrA
  • Thu, 21:31: ohai. I'm here for the london grammar, innit (@ Cedar Street Courtyard for FILTER Magazine's Showdown at Cedar St...) http://t.co/zjoSWmcwxc
  • Thu, 21:50: ugh. the london grammar poster I saw must have been an early version! oh well. jetta again!
  • Thu, 22:08: jetta says this filter party is the biggest crowd she’s had, so I’ll be happy with her
  • Fri, 00:23: johnny stimson (@ Brew Exchange - @72beers for SXSW w/ 3 others) http://t.co/Q90ffXVciv
  • Fri, 01:29: oh mang. leo’s tacos hit the spot with a papas con huevos made fresh. no premade street bs
  • Fri, 05:38: insane line for london grammar. at this point, they can eat me. moar tacos!
  • Fri, 06:24: SXSW crash suspect was there to perform. friends say car was not stolen http://t.co/xOAHCO1YQI
  • Fri, 07:57: do we even know if those victims actually need our monetary help that donations are being accepted
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