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  • Thu, 15:12: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgQrrU
  • Thu, 15:36: I was reading the Out magazine article on blondie. based on the album timeline and my age I didn't realize I liked her because of my parents
  • Thu, 15:49: some random teacher from SA just called me to find out charlie strong's mailing address for a student writing project. I guess I'm infamous
  • Thu, 15:54: but IS the city of austin obligated to get your drunk ass home safely. bartenders are already responsible for your life if they "over serve"
  • Thu, 16:53: couldn’t you add more buses and run them 24/7 with $475M
  • Thu, 20:56: the chinese professor asked me why I wasn't in the asian faculty staff association. she thought I was pinoy
  • Thu, 23:08: asking for change on the side of the freeway with a duck dynasty tshirt on might not work out for you so well in this town
  • Fri, 02:41: RT @morethanBrando: #RuinAChildrensBook Charlotte's Web Browser History
  • Fri, 02:43: #RuinAChildrensBook - World of Wonder http://t.co/PxwNttIoU3
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    Thu, 00:36: OMG! https://t.co/y9N2gpHF7c

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    Sat, 15:05: ask me how ridiculous I am for trying to get a State inspection today on a holiday weekend

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    Fri, 12:46: can someone teach me how to speak with a mexican accent like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green? I’m kind of a #pocho

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