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  • Wed, 13:21: Chile is not a food item. say it with me. chee-leh. eh as in EXTERMINATE! not chih-lee. not chee-lay. chee-leh
  • Wed, 13:42: RT @lordemusic: i find this curious - two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok :-) http:…
  • Wed, 14:16: I've heard dan croll live three times and loved him. I don't know who picked the arrangements for the album, but they kind of suck
  • Wed, 14:52: april fools day is over, so we're back to everything I say being true and false and having at least three different meanings and intentions
  • Wed, 14:53: at this point with the paywall, I'm only following the statesman so I'll know what to gurgle for elsewhere
  • Wed, 15:12: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgQrrU
  • Wed, 16:46: I have neither frown lines nor laugh lines nor worry lines across my brow, but I do have peen wrinkles. do the maths
  • Wed, 18:27: the scotus just ushered in the age of PACs Romana
  • Wed, 20:11: http://t.co/qGLXSNPBmT Now Supports Emoji Characters http://t.co/9Fe6tkKBLY
  • Wed, 23:09: what do you mean "oil pulling" wasn't really an april fools joke. it HAS to be
  • Thu, 02:13: all my okcupid matches seem to always be bisexuals. do they hate everything too
  • Thu, 02:20: RT @LogoTV: An Irish aquarium has male penguins that are nesting together. The gay penguins at Central Park Zoo already invited them over f…
  • Thu, 02:40: my brother's in the army. after citizens united and today's ruling, I need to call and thank him for fighting for the rights of corporations
  • Thu, 03:18: Clean Bandit - Extraordinary feat. Sharna Bass: http://t.co/9a3hddbt5G via @YouTube
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    Thu, 00:36: OMG! https://t.co/y9N2gpHF7c

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    Sat, 15:05: ask me how ridiculous I am for trying to get a State inspection today on a holiday weekend

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    Fri, 12:46: can someone teach me how to speak with a mexican accent like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green? I’m kind of a #pocho

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