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  • Thu, 18:32: is the message and point of no-show socks that you think your ankles are sexy, cuz I don't get it
  • Thu, 18:41: your huge ass galaxy phone is awesome, but everybody can see you tap in your lock code. just remembered thinking that at london grammar
  • Thu, 20:39: I keep asking wtf does miley have to do with the fort hood shooting every time I see milley's name. I have no memory
  • Fri, 00:39: RT @Queerty: PHOTOS: Former Child Star Danny Pintauro Married His Boyfriend Today - http://t.co/A0mDkmsMBT
  • Fri, 01:23: RT @BoingBoing: This video of bison running out of Yellowstone does not mean supervolcano eruption is imminent, as some idiots say. http://…
  • Fri, 01:36: I kind of like chris meloni's new show
  • Fri, 01:52: educators were obviously stricken from the beatitudes. they must have been edited out by a Texas legislator
  • Fri, 02:37: RT @Dani_Knope: @ohitsbarbara white people invented cornrows in 2014, y'all. @marieclaire, we melanin-abundant call that "I can't leave the…
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