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  • Wed, 12:49: looking forward to another day of reading about a fest you don't intend to go to even if it's full of bands you like but have already seen
  • Wed, 14:30: this med tech was muy cute. I hope the doctor is ugly if he’s going to check my boys
  • Wed, 14:57: TWO women for a hernia check. the chaperone looked very put out lol. they never have an observer for SHEnanigans on tv
  • Wed, 14:59: dr: you need rest, ibuprofen, and heat. no lifting more than 5#s me: I’m lazy! how much more rest do I need!
  • Wed, 15:12: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgQrrU
  • Wed, 17:11: RT @betabeat: Gangs Using Drones To Find Marijuana Farms, Steal Their Crop http://t.co/CJSYiG97KR
  • Wed, 18:06: help! all internet down!
  • Wed, 20:12: Indie Record Stores Sold over 2000% More Vinyl than Usual on Record Store Day.... http://t.co/Bc73R2x7bY
  • Wed, 22:22: you know the honeymoon is over when you have to unplug your personal massager to use a heating pad
  • Wed, 22:38: forgot time warner changed all the channels today so I'm wondering where the right wing wackjob on fox austin news is
  • Thu, 01:56: I bet @atxhipsters will get excited. Amazon's Prime Pantry service lets you ship 45 pounds of groceries for a $6 fee http://t.co/T0j5AHeAnW
  • Thu, 02:42: so ethnicity can't be a factor in some states for ACADEMIC admissions, but athletic ability can? I don't get it
  • Thu, 02:50: there is just too much actual good music out there to be wasting your time with autotuned vocalists
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