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  • Tue, 20:45: I think I don't love as strongly as others do because I have such a disdain for memory. how do you love a stranger
  • Tue, 21:44: you wore flip flops on move out day. that gives me permission to laugh when you trip over them and bust ass amirite
  • Tue, 23:07: RT @lifehacker: The folks at @gazelle tested the best methods for saving wet phones, and found some interesting results: http://t.co/Mvwlue
  • Tue, 23:41: we HAVE to stop glogal warming because all those coastal Texans are just going to relocate to austin. at least we'll finally have water
  • Wed, 01:31: beyonce should have named her site that sells clothing she-bey
  • Wed, 02:28: RT @tlrd: BREAKING: Federal Judge Strikes Down Idaho's Ban on Gay Marriage http://t.co/PknHhT2S8Y
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