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  • Thu, 15:10: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgQrrU
  • Thu, 16:49: RT @ABJBarr: Chips Ahoy! Tortilla chip maker leaves Austin for new digs in Pflugerville http://t.co/9BREds5Cfv via @MyABJ
  • Thu, 16:55: if my conversations today are to be believed, we can get russia out of the ukraine with a glorious hashtag!
  • Thu, 17:00: RT @thinkprogress: Chipotle burritos now come with beans, cheese and Jonathan Safran Foer http://t.co/38hZndUrrl
  • Thu, 17:01: I think the real surprise about new sixth street parking restrictions is that anyone was ever able to park there to begin with
  • Thu, 17:23: it just occurred to me that I love dogs without any reservations. I will always hate cats - even if they’re superheroes
  • Thu, 21:33: who's going to serve me church's fried chicken when we price everyone out of the city and have indecent mass transit services
  • Thu, 21:42: hannibal has some of the most gruesome scenes I've ever seen on free television, but it's sam's kiss on pay cable people are protesting
  • Fri, 01:51: throwback thursday photos are mostly cute and fun but most of the time I'm thinking "what the fuck happened there"
  • Fri, 02:12: san diego only has three syllables
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