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  • Mon, 15:09: scotus has declared that not only are corporations people, but they can go to heaven, too!
  • Mon, 15:10: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/NDK4okEUWA
  • Mon, 15:50: 90% of all corporations are closely held. this will mean that contraceptives will be part of new incentive packages...and a LOT of boycotts
  • Mon, 15:53: RT @NCLRights: BREAKING Supreme Court rejects a challenge to CA’s law protecting #LGBT kids from conversion therapy. #SB1172 is enforceable
  • Mon, 17:34: what if the story about facebook manipulating your emotions is the real study
  • Mon, 18:04: now I'm wondering if snake handling is covered under my health plan. I'll save faith healing for another day
  • Mon, 18:42: RT @The405: Listen to Bon Iver's new track, 'Heavenly Father'http://t.co/FCEB1mCs7K http://t.co/meRyIJyewy
  • Mon, 23:43: I think today's iOS update made my phone go tits up. good thing I did a backup first
  • Mon, 23:59: I suppose I should have some schadenfreude in that scotus has just allowed catholic notions of birth control onto protestantism
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