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  • Tue, 21:27: I think goal in brasilian portuguese is pronounced "weltschmerz"
  • Tue, 21:39: brasil needs to send in jack bauer. there's still time! 84:00
  • Wed, 01:06: RT @TheTweetOfGod: The destruction of the Amazon is complete. #WorldCup
  • Wed, 01:20: RT @Austin_Police: APD is looking for this suspect who may be responsible for up to 35 burglaries where bicycles were stolen. http://t.co/C
  • Wed, 01:30: listen to the new album Life is Easy by Bright Light Bright Light ♫ Life Is Easy – Bright Light Bright Light http://t.co/jyjcF2osIH
  • Wed, 01:35: no one's said it yet, but fitness tracking on facebook is the new selfie. also, I want to invent an UNfitbit tracker so I can post my sloth
  • Wed, 02:21: mine would totally be a HOBbit instead of an unfitbit. first breakfast. second breakfast. first lunch. second lunch.
  • Wed, 02:25: streaming music in the bg and think oh this is nice. click tab to see what it is. WTF? Boyz II Men- Diamond Eyes https://t.co/ybU9ZHMBMp
  • Wed, 02:52: I feel like I wasted a half day on that travesty of a world cup match. I should have saved it to avoid obama traffic
  • Wed, 03:22: cleveland gets manziel AND the GOP convention. that city is full of winning
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