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  • Fri, 14:45: we should send the angry spitting lizards of murrieta to deal with cliven bundy
  • Fri, 14:55: RT @The405: Azealia Banks to part ways with Universal Music http://t.co/flPBgNz9nv http://t.co/MlCo7zSDSH
  • Fri, 15:00: RT @The405: Cut Copy premiere new track 'Lights Shine On' http://t.co/ygj3dGwsE5 http://t.co/NZJ4X7YLUg
  • Fri, 15:08: a judge recently ruled that the CoA drainage fee was illegal. guess what just showed up on my bill
  • Fri, 15:10: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgQrrU
  • Fri, 16:07: misogynist mens only like captain janeway in OITNB cuz she's not bossing around men this time. yeah. I said it
  • Fri, 18:44: I had to ask the young lady at autozone to help me change out my wiper blades. checked my privilege. sissied that car
  • Fri, 18:55: you know bbq is king in austin when people are amazed that obama visits franklin but not the border. no shade
  • Fri, 19:25: others hated it, and I threw the book out the window after 2 chapters, but I am looking forward to a weekend of series 2 of hemlock grove
  • Fri, 20:42: I thought the dental hygienist was crazy until I realized she kept coming out to snap xrays
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