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  • Thu, 02:03: how many levels of moron are you to pick up a free-tailed bat
  • Thu, 02:22: I think it's time to ask the complex manager to check my freon levels when I'm contemplating taping freezer pops to my nipples
  • Thu, 02:44: I don't know how rick perry wanting the guard to apprehend real criminals turnt into pointing guns at children. fight lies with more lies?
  • Thu, 02:50: RT @chrisgeidner: Update: Colorado AG files notice he is appealing today's marriage ruling to court that struck down UT, OK bans. http://t.…
  • Thu, 02:52: RT @atxhipsters: The Temporary Shutter: Casa Colombia to Shutter, Reopen in Brand New Building: Austin's only... http://t.co/F4ekDXzJhT via…
  • Thu, 02:53: RT @KXAN_News: Capital Area Food Bank of Texas to close the doors at its food pantry next week. MORE: http://t.co/tl6COEy6mi
  • Thu, 03:18: there is an "I'm so (city)" meme going around. I'm so austin, I moved here from somewhere else. I win. it can be over now
  • Thu, 03:31: I wish twitter had a save for later button like facebook. it's kind of embarrassing favoriting horrific tweets that you want to read later
  • Thu, 04:22: what's the point of being on soundcloud if you're just going to keep reposting madonna and pet shop boys remixes
  • Thu, 04:48: Surge of intestinal illness in Texas http://t.co/bkciP0NIK3 via @kvue
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