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  • Sun, 15:09: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgyidM
  • Sun, 15:34: Doctor Who features first lesbian kiss http://t.co/2lU2DiZLXs via @pinknews
  • Sun, 15:35: except it wasn't a kiss
  • Sun, 15:52: RT @thinkprogress: After challenge from Olbermann, ESPN updates policy, says announcers don’t have to say ‘Redskins’ http://t.co/gzqbdmbgZB
  • Sun, 16:38: we've been hating on ALS challengers for wasting water all week, so I suppose I can't enjoy my brunch while children are starving in africa
  • Sun, 17:04: the federal standard for a flush is 1.6 gal. I propose that for every ice bucket challenge, you have to pee outside and use only that amount
  • Sun, 21:23: RT @BreakingNews: Actor and film director Richard Attenborough dies at 90, his son says - @BBCNews http://t.co/TQlbPR047s
  • Sun, 22:14: I have a degradation in vision and everything is loose and sagging. at my age and disposition, being a size queen is just plain necessary
  • Sun, 22:19: having watched and hated lucy, the didactic introduction of transcendence is giving me gas. and wtf! I forgot it, too, has morgan freeman
  • Mon, 02:27: an artist to watch that I've never heard of? UNPOSSIBLE
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