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  • Thu, 15:09: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgyidM
  • Thu, 22:31: @Adobe_Reader FYI. after upgrading to iOS 8, the "Open in" option for Box didn't open for me in Box any more
  • Thu, 23:50: RT @JulieAnnHolden: I never ate at The Hangar, Truluck's, Cedar Street Court­yard, or Péché anyway, but now I definitely won't. http://t.co
  • Fri, 00:51: I can actually feel this thunder (and late last night's, too). is that normal
  • Fri, 01:51: it's hard to splain to my people that ALL physical punishment is child abuse when we look upon the boomerang chancla so fondly
  • Fri, 03:18: I can't wait for my iphone 6 plus. it will be nice to finally hold something in my hands that is large for a change
  • Fri, 03:36: the word of the day tomorrow will be booty
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