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  • Sat, 15:12: Make Your Own Kind of Music is out! http://t.co/SWKVUgyidM
  • Sat, 16:56: all halloween costumes are an appropriation of culture. that's how it works. otherwise I'd have to go as a fried-chicken-eating desk jockey
  • Sat, 17:27: How the Morehouse Football Team ruined Dear White People and proved its point http://t.co/ZoszJIWKbE
  • Sat, 18:31: "I've never heard of them so I'm not voting for them" is not a good metric. it says everything about you and nothing about them, mr entitled
  • Sat, 19:52: wow. nobody told me that 888 became the franklin bbq of south side asian dining
  • Sat, 21:15: I'm an excellent cook and subscribe to bon apetit and saveur but I am still over here eating turkey pot pies
  • Sat, 22:17: RT @The405: Zane Lowe curates alternative Drive soundtrack for Radio 1, premieres 'Get Away' by CHVRCHES http://t.co/4hFkLGMYsF http://t.co
  • Sun, 04:04: a good chai masala should put a fire in your belly
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